I am primarily a creative artist with the majority of my time goes towards my 'own', including collaborative, projects.

Currently on the go:

Orchid-Star's third album is now finished so deciding what to do with it
My second album with Kwali Kumara - to be titled Ecstatic - is also nearly done. Kwali Kumara
Continuing work with Nathassia. Her three albums all have considerable production input from me; I recently completed my 8th remix for her with more coming soon - intended as an album project. Nathassia
Working on new material with Psibindi. Psibindi
Finishing an album started 17 years ago with superb singer and writer Cass Terry.

I also, when time allows, work professionally for clients, offering a variety of creative and studio services as well as web design/development.

This Site

This site exists to promote both my work as an artist and the professional skills I offer, between which there is an inevitable crossover but they are roughly grouped into Art and Craft sections

The site also contains much which will only be of interest to those of you who are sufficiently into what I do as an artist to want to know or hear some of the background/lead-up to what I do now.

The Music section contains extracts from 30 years worth of music and there are warnings elsewhere on the site, especially to those who are here to try and evaluate the quality of the work you might expect from me, that I matured as a writer long before I did as a producer, therefore please do not judge any early wroks by anything other than the writing!

I apologise that due to its multi-purpose nature - it should perhaps have been 3 sites(!) - the layout is a bit mixed up, albeit with a degree of logic, and you will have to find what you need/want amongst the bits you don't.

This site is a work in progress, so there may be some bits which are a bit glitchy.
And there are bits which will almost certainly look or work better in Firefox or Chrome than Internet Explorer

There is also quite a bit of content left to be added or updated.