So why's this under Craft not Art?

Obviously anything on this site involves art as well as craft and this more than most. But this is here because co-writing, which has been one of my biggest earners, especially thanks to a long-standing working relationship with Tony Tarr of the OTT Band, involves forgetting about any of my own artistic leanings and getting myself completely into the head of the client.

When Tony first came to me he knew 6 chords on a guitar, had some very basic jammed ideas, an idea of what he wanted to do but no way of communicating it in any detail. Three years later he was on stage fronting a 13-piece band with a full set of songs.

The biggest compliment to me is that despite the percentage of the content which was down to me Tony has always referred to it has his music, which is exactly how I feel about it, and which was always the intention

The OTT Band - Love Me

Obviously there's a big sliding scale between co-writing, arrangement and production depending on whether you are working on a project because of your voice not your skillset or whether it's a job or a collaboration.