DJ-ing is something I got into by luck rather than design early in 2002, after bottling out of what would have been my first solo gig in 6 years and doing a DJ set instead.
For the first couple of years I only played my own tunes and personal collaborations, mostly as a regular for Planet Angel, for whom I wrote about 3 hours worth of tracks which I first played there. Nowadays, although I will still do sets just of my own stuff if asked, I probably get more pleasure from mixing and matching


I'm most at home playing in chill-out rooms, but ones where there is room to dance, where you can lift the tempo a bit if the energy is right.
My sets always still have a strong global element to them but since 2005 have started to include a lot more psychedelic chill and dub.
At this point I really want to thank Irena Spiral a.k.a. DJ Mudra who has been both inspiration and guide as I increased my music collection. If you like what I play go to the ID Spiral shop - and you'll find a lot of it there or for the global side check out the Pink Hampster shop

inSpiral Lounge 13 DJ slots have included the following events/venues
The Synergy Project
The Synergy Centre
Synergy Sunday
Planet Angel
Planet Angel Chilled
Bingly Bongly
Deep Down and Bongly
ID Spiral
Liquid Connective
One Tribe
Tribal Vibrations
Sofa Sundaze
Acid Monkey
InSpiral Lounge
Psychedelic Dream Temple
Art-Dance, Vladivostok, Russia
Ambiosonic Festival, France
Rise, Leicester Square
Existence Celebration
Sixth Sense
Cafe Cairo
Rumi Bar
Margarita Bar
491 Gallery
Gathering of Angels
Psychedelic Picnic
Glastonbury Festival - ID Spiral
Sunrise Festival - ID Spiral/Eartheart
Glade Festival - ID Spiral/One Tribe
Offworld Festival
Waveform Festival - Gaia Chill
Turaya Gathering - ID Spiral
Venus Love Experience
Gorilla and his Banana
Alchemy Records - Fright Night
Alchemy Records - Break the Mold
Global Village - Doors of Perception
rampART Beltane Peace Party
Streatham Festival - East meets West