One way or another I have been performing since I was a young kid but it wasn't till I started writing that I got seriously interested in music so except for early experiences almost all my performing has been as part of a writing project, this is also partly because my skills as a player are far less than as a writer/producer!

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At the time of writing it is actually about 21 years since my last solo gig. However I have recently prepared things for the possibility of taking out Unexpected Pleasures as a live (laptop) set, though my preference for such gigs will still be to perform with Psibindi (see below).

I am also planning something special for 2018 to mark the 25th anniversary of my first solo gig, which was the legendary Whirl-Y-Gig's first festival 'Parachute' set.
Pete Ardron

with Psibindi

From my first day collaborating with her on Mera Dil from Unexpected Pleasures I wanted to do more with Psibindi. We first performed live together at the launch party for that album where Psibindi sang not just Mera dil but a couple of the other tracks too. A complete performance of the album followed a couple of months later and then spring 2017 we started on new material together in time to debut 4 new songs at to a rapturous reception at Dharma Festival in June.

Pete Ardron &&Psibindi


By far my main reason for getting off my chair since 2005, Orchid-Star have performed with anything from the core 3-piece of myself, Myo (vocals) and Pierre Luigi (guitar/bass) up to 10 people on stage, depending on space, budget and availability.

Orchid-Star live

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with Kwali Kumara

My 2015 album of Kundalini Yoga mantras with Kwali Kumara - Exalted - was the start of what is set to be a long-running working relationship. Plans to take the material out live on any regular basis were put out on hold for the impending arrival of Kwali's second child but we did manage to get out and do a 'trial' gig at Drum Camp festival in 2015.

With a second album - Ecstatic nearly finished it is unsure a yet whether we will decide to do live performances, but we are open to offers for any event which may be specifically suited to the project.

Kwali Kumara
Nathassia Devine

From her first gig in summer 2014 through to mid-2015 I performed with Nathassia Devine on keyboards and vocal fx after working on her album Cosmic

Nathassia Devine live
N'Faly Kouyaté

In 2012, while working with N'Faly Kouyaté on his album Change we took the tracks out for 3 gigs at the Singapore Grand Prix as a 2-piece, before he put a full band together.

N'Faly Kouyate live
with Samantha Ray

In 2012 I also took tracks from my opera fusion project with Samantha Ray out live at Waveform Festival.

Live at Waveform with Samantha Ray

Go to the History page to find out about previous live projects - Glow and Vers la Flamme.

Journey of the Soul @ Club Colosseum
Pathaan's Musical Rickshaw @ Big Chill House
New Age
Darbucka, London
Bingly Bongly
One Tribe
Sofa Sundaze
InSpiral Lounge
491 Gallery
Planet Bob's Chai Emporium

Orchid-Star gigs have included the following events/venues

Glastonbury Festival (Croissant Neuf, Small World, Tadpole and ID Spiral stages)
Glade Festival (ID Spiral, One Tribe, Liquid stages)
Wychwood Festival
Waveform Festival (5 years in a row)
Big Green Gathering
Boom Festival, Portugal
Art-Dance, Vladivostok, Russia
Hadra Festival, France
Sunrise Festival
Offworld Festival
Out Of The Ordinary Festival
Antiworld Festival
Kingston Green Fair
Chilled in a Field
Streatham Festival
Puravida Weekender
The Bowl Festival (Crystal Palace)
London Green Lifestyle Show
Archangel City Breaks
Break The Mold
London Festival of Tantra
The Synergy Project
Acid Monkey (3 New Years in a row)
The Synergy Centre
Planet Angel
Planet Angel Chilled
Alpha Omega