Another one of those areas where the balance of art and craft can vary widely. Saying you are a producer is about as vague as saying you are a civil servant. The job description covers everything from someone who never touches a knob but is in complete creative control over the finished product to someone who is essentially an engineer whose sole purpose is to help realize the artist's vision. It can mean as much as creating every thread other than the vocal line or as little as refusing to let someone do anything other than a live acoustic guitar and vocal recording!

I have produced a fair amount of artists over the years, and on many points on the above spectra, and of course all my own stuff, and band projects, even back when I really could have done with omeone better!
Recent work has included half of Nathassia Devine's 2014 album Cosmic and significant parts of subsequesnt releases and N'Faly Kouyaté's 2015 album Change.

Nathassia Devine - Cosmic N'Faly Kouyate - Change

This is in the art section because when I'm an engineer I call it engineering - I usually presume if someone rents my services as producer, it is because they want me to bring at least some degree of creative input and my own personality to the direction of a project.

Production is not a job I take on lightly as if it is more than just individual tracks it can be a lengthy commitment, so if you would particularly like me to work on a project it would be advisable to talk to me a very long time ahead!