I have never had what you would call a proper studio, however other than excluding any possibility of recording a drum kit this has never been much of a problem. There is a lot of live instrumentation on all of the Glow and Orchid-Star albums and all of that was recorded in what is essentially my living room(s). These alone include drums and hand percussion of all types, strings, brass, woodwind, all manner of guitars, marimba (tricky!)

Over the years I have recorded a multitude of different projects even with a few instruments not used by Glow or Orchid-Star(!) and of course a multitude of voices, including several poets.

Teresa Gabriel - Whispers Of Premonitions.jpg Javah - You And Me Dennis just Dennis - Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Moonbean - Random (Dark to Light)

I currently do regular vocal sessions here for Emmy-award winning writer Bruce Elliot-Smith and Notting Hill Music which has included several single releases and more due at the time of writing this.


As this is not a service I advertise per se so contact me directly to discuss any possible projects.