I wasn't sure whether to include this on this website as, like most of the skills I have accumulated over the years it was to aid the music and to avoid having to get someone lse to do it for me. I first learnt anything about web design so I could do one page on Glow's first website, really enjoyed doing it and within a few weeks took over the whole website.
However it's something I really enjoy and something I've ended up doing a fair amount of for other people, including other musicians from famous crooner Vince Hill (my first pro job) to 2 sites for Afro Celt sound System. I still manage a number of sites including this one of course and the Orchid-Star and Pink Hampster sites.

Whereas I will usually have responsibility for all aspects of a site I am also used to working on just the top - design, or underneath - development.

pinkhampster.com afroceltsoundsystem.com orchidstar.info feelbetternutrition.co.uk


Negotiable depending on worthiness or interest of the project and whether you are a successful business that can afford it.