I wasn't sure I even wanted to include this on this website but as for some reason over the last few months I seem to have spent as much time doing web work, both for myself and clients, as I have been music I thought I might as well.
I first learnt anything about web design so I could do one page on Glow's first website, really enjoyed doing it and within a few weeks took over the whole website and a few years later did my first pro site for famous crooner Vince Hill. I now manage a number of sites including this one of course and the Orchid-Star and Pink Hampster sites

Nowadays I have a good working (though certainly not from complete) knowledge of and experience in HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript (including AJAX, JQuery), ASP (old style, not .NET). I've worked in Flash a lot in the past but have not kept it up-to-date as its unavailability or poor quality on mobile devices has sadly rendered it fairly obsolete.
Whereas I will usually have responsibility for all aspects of a site I am also working on just the top - design or underneath - development.

pinkhampster.com afroceltsoundsystem.com orchidstar.info feelbetternutrition.co.uk


Completely negotiable depending on worthiness or interest of the project and whether you are a successful business that can afford it.