It's what I do

I am a composer

Writing was how my interest in music started and it has always been my main reason for doing everything. I've learnt pretty much every other skill I have so I could perform, produce or promote what I write.

I started well and truly on the 'classical' side of things. When I was 13 I had already written a piano concerto and scored the first movement for orchestra. It wasn't very good - I was no child prodigy - but it wasn't bad for a 13 year-old.
I matured as composer, both in technique and finding my voice, long, long before I did as a producer, somewhere between, or maybe from my late teens to my mid-twenties, and will listen with far less embarrassment at the writing of something from 40 years ago than the production on something 20 years ago.

Pete Ardron - Music for Maurice Agis's Colourspace Glow -Enfeiticada Orchid-Star - Faster Swanmedia - Kent County Police

The majority of the music you can hear on this site is written entirely or mostly by me and does not include any music written for corporate clients although does include much that was written for specific requirements eg. art installations.

The one area of writing I would really like to venture into much more is soundtracks. Other than corporate work my only serious project was a lo-budget animation SolaRace by Adam Siala which you can watch on YouTube here and here.