The music on these pages spans 25 years. For me personally all of the writing stands the test of time, I enjoy it as much now as I did when I wrote it. However the production on much of the early stuff sounds not only dated but much poorer quality in several ways. Some of it has also suffered greatly from transfers from old tape recordings to digital format.

if you are visiting this site because you enjoy what I write I hope you will enjoy the content despite its flaws.

If however you are visiting this site because you may be interested in engaging my services then if it's for my writing, yes, as a writer I'm proud of anything here, but if you checking it out because you are interested in my services as producer, remixer, mastering engineer etc. I would strongly recommend you start with Orchid-Star or the Remixes

There are links on the album pages to by CDs from the Pink Hampster Shop where available