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29/06/23 Glow - Lost Treasures EP Glow - Lost Treasures EP
Out now on all major download and streaming sites. A collection of 5 early unreleased tracks from my old band Glow, written and originally recorded in 1994-5. The vocals, guitar and bass come from the original tapes - with keyboards and drums reprogrammed keeping close to how they were.
Links here including: the Pink Hampster shop and Bandcamp

15/05/23 Save the Children compilation Save the Children
Very honoured to have both Orchid-Star - Wildflower and a dancier mix of Air with Kwali included on this fabulous compilation out today, with favourite artists of mine from every decade back to the 70s.
Buy it here and get 129 tracks digitally and/or 99 on 9 CDs for an incredibly cheap price

21/04/23 Pete Ardron - Goddess (2023 re-recording) Goddess2023.jpg
I'm hugely pleased to announce that after 20 years of promising I would do it I have re-recorded my 1991 album Goddess, finally the production (which was bad) lives up to writing, which was among the best I've ever done.
Out now at all major digital outlets - download and streaming.
Links here
including: the Pink Hampster shop
and Bandcamp

25/01/23 Pete Ardron & Samantha Ray - Music for Aus Lights on the River
If you're not able to catch the show today or tomorrow the music is out now on all major outlets.
Links here
including: the Pink Hampster shop
and Bandcamp

11/01/23 Aus Lights on the River adc123_website_hero_auslights_2023.jpg
If you happen to be in Adelaide on the 25th or 26th head down to Elder Park for a Cinematic Fireworks Display at 9.30pm each night, with music from me and Samantha Ray

22/12/22 Boogie New Year adc123_website_hero_auslights_2023-564.jpg
I'll be seeing the new year in DJing in the chillout at the Boogie New Year
Tickets and info

5/08/22 Pete Ardron - Butterfly Tree Pete_Ardron_-_Butterfly_Tree_(1024).jpg
Butterfly Tree, my first solo album since Unexpected Pleasures is out now on Ensancha El Alma Records.
It is available now digital but there has been an unexpected and still unexplained delay with the CDs. Links and more info here:

18/07/22 Whirl-Y-Fayre Fayre-FB-Post-Pete-Ardron-RGB-WEB.jpg
I will be playing my first solo gig in 26 years at Whirl-Y-Fayre on Fri. Aug. 5th. This is a special one for me as I will be playing the Parachute set and my very first solo gig was back in 1993 for Whirl-Y-Gig at the Phoenix Festival for their first ever festival Parachute set. More info and ticket links on the gigs page.

21/01/22 Kwali Kumara & Pete Ardron - Elemental Temple Part One Elemental-Temple-Pt1-1128.jpg
My fourth, and first non-mantra, album with Kwali is out on now on Ensancha El Alma Records.
Buy and streaming links here

7/01/22 Glow & the Dept. of Luminosity - Enfeitiçada
The third Glow album finally gets its first digital release
Links to Download and streaming sites here

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