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29/12/21 Glow & the Dept. of Luminosity - Almost Forgetting to Breathe (2017 Remaster)
The second Glow album now has had its first digital release
Links to Download and streaming sites here

17/12/21 Glow & the Dept. of Luminosity - Unavailable at All Good Record Shops (2021 Resurrection)
In 1996 a dying hard-drive stopped us from properly finishing our first album.
The album has now been reconstructed using the original 8-track recordings, live backing tracks, tiny portions of the original mixes and a small amount of programming to replace missing parts.
Links to Download and streaming sites here

4/12/20 Orchid-Star - Fast Reimagined Orchid-Star-Faster-Reimagined.jpg
New album out now - remixes of our 2011 by Squazoid, Trancient Dreams and Moai System along with, from within the band, myself, including one with SandRa, and Sean Spindrift
Buy and stream links here

20/11/20 Kadialy Kouyatye - Yarabi Kuma (Pete Ardron Remix)
New digital single out now
Buy and streaming links here

6/11/20 Orchid-Star - Passion (2020 Reissue) Orchid-Star_-_Passion-1024.jpg
Long overdue for a re-release, Orchid-Star's 7-mix single Passion, was originally released by Archangel^ in 2008 but disappeared shortly after when the distributor went bust. To mark it's re-appearance the main mix, featuring rapper Rogue, daughter of Pierre, our guitarist/bassist, and its extended version have been given a little spruce up and you can finally see a more HD version of the video! The single includes a radio edit of the original version from the album Birth and remixes from Sarah E, Blackmarc and Sly One vs Jurrane with Becky Dell Download and Streaming links here

3/11/20 Squazoid - Two Reality
Squazoid's 2014 album Two Reality, which includes their Honey Drop Remix of Orchid-Star's Wildflower finally has a general release
Download and streaming links here

30/10/20 2 albums back on Pink Hampster itvi-aria.jpg
My albums Inside the Voice Inside and Aria, which were licensed to Cyberset in 2009 are now back on Pink Hampster.
Digital links (download and streaming) here:
and here:

24/10/20 Interuterion back out digitally
My 2012 ambient album with Samantha Ray - Interuterion - is available digitally again for the first time in 4 years.
Download and streaming links here

21/08/20 Out now - Kwali Kumara & Pete Ardron - Euphoric
My third album of mantras with Kwali Kumara is out now on CD and digitally.
Links to buy or stream and more info here

24/07/20 Out Now - Terra Nine - Eternity Remixes
What's this - not just one but two awesome remix albums out this week?! This time it's from psychedelic Kiwi viola maestro Terra Nine, who first blew me away at Hadra Festival in France in 2008 and who has been a firm friend and frequent work colleague since, in numerous ways. Once again he's gathered an impressive line-up of names to remix tracks from his Eternity album - GAUDI, Gabriel Le Mar, Green Beats, Noosfære, Mike Terra Nine himself and, as with this week's other album from Squazoid (coincidentally as far as I'm aware!) Kuba, Tripswitch, Kaya Project and myself - Incandescent being my contribution (along with mastering a few of the tracks)
Buy links:

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