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4/10/11 Deuce Radio Show 128 Deuce
We're back on the Deuce Show again

20/08/11 Two new members Damien & Julia
We're very pleased to announce the arrival of two new members - Hungarian-Canadian Julia Szederkenyi (aka Elysha Fields) - violin, and from Luxemburg Damien Thill - percussion. Their first gig with us will be at Out Of The Ordinary Festival on Oct 23rd.

27/06/11 Faster available digitally faster.jpg
Faster is also available at iTunes: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Amazon UK and a fair few others

24/06/11 Deuce Radio Show 115 Deuce

12/06/11 Airplay
thanks to Rob at Deuce, we are getting, have got or are about to get airplay at the following stations:

4/06/11 Launch Party at inSpiral, Camden Inspiral_Reprise Flyer.jpg
The new launch date happily falls on the day of our next gig, Breathe Reprise at inSpiral. So naturally we're also turning it into our launch party too. More details on the Live Dates page

30/05/11 New release date - 24th June
We've sorted out all the printing problems - it's off at the factory in Germany again and 'Faster' will now be released on June 24th.

5/05/11 Waveform confirmed waveform10.gif
Orchid-Star Confirmed for Waveform Festival, 2-4 Sep. - our 5th year out of 5

30/04/11 OOTO confirmed OOTO.jpg
Orchid-Star Confirmed for Out Of The Ordinary Festival, 23-25 September

21/04/11 'Faster' release date announced
We are very happy to announce that Faster will be released on May 30th! The album will be distributed globally by Arabesque

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