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13/05/13 Orchid-Star at Digital Journey digital-journey1.jpg
Orchid-Star will be playing at Global Digital Masters Presents Digital Journey, Sat. May 18th. I'm very happy that this will be our first gig with Karl Walinets, like me and Myo an ex-member of Glow, on trombone, sax and bass - really looking forward to being on stage with him again after all these years

13/01/13 new album with Samantha Ray - Interuterion interuterion400dp.jpg
My new album with Samantha Ray (of Orchid-Star), Interuterion will be officially released by Pink Hampster on Dec 21st through Arabesque Distribution at which point it will also be available as a digital download but you can buy CD copies now online from the Pink Hampster Shop where you can also hear some samples.
The original Interuterion, now Interuterion – Serenity, the first half of the album, was produced in 2003, using only voices as the sound source, the first completely ambient piece I had produced for years and, amongst other things, was used in 2010 as the soundtrack for Collision Course, a collaboration between CM Films and the Australian Dance Theatre. It now has a companion piece, Interuterion – Reverie, this time using only Sam’s voice, even for some very electronic bass sounds – still ambient but going on more of a journey this time.

18/05/12 Orchid-Star at Chesterfield Mayday chesterfield_mayday2012.jpg
Orchid-Star we will be playing at Chesterfield Mayday, Monday May 7th

27/03/12 Orchid-Star - headline slot at Vibe Festival, Vibe Festival
Orchid-Star are confirmed as one of the headliners for Vibe Festival, Czech Republic, Jun 28-Jul 1. Alternative stage

27/03/12 Orchid-Star confirmed for Waveform Festival Waveform Festival
Very happy to announce that for the 6th year (out of 6) we will be back at Waveform Festival

19/02/12 Deuce Radio Show 148

1/11/11 Now represented by Frusion Frusion
We're pleased to announce that we are now being represented by the Frusion agency.
Please contact for bookings

4/10/11 Deuce Radio Show 128 Deuce
We're back on the Deuce Show again

20/08/11 Two new members Damien & Julia
We're very pleased to announce the arrival of two new members - Hungarian-Canadian Julia Szederkenyi (aka Elysha Fields) - violin, and from Luxemburg Damien Thill - percussion. Their first gig with us will be at Out Of The Ordinary Festival on Oct 23rd.

27/06/11 Faster available digitally faster.jpg
Faster is also available at iTunes: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Amazon UK and a fair few others

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