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14/09/15 Nathassia - Contagious N-Contagious.jpg
Nathassia, new single, Parasite released, Includes Pete Ardron Chill Mix.
buy from Amazon mp3

5/08/15 N'Faly Kouyaté - Change - now available on CD
N'Faly Kouyaté's album Change, which I produced and partially co-wrote is now finally available on CD.
Get it from the Pink Hampster Shop

2/07/15 Upcoming release - Ambijingles
My new album Ambijingles will be released digitally on July 17th

12/06/15 Terra Nine vs. Squazoid - Karuna EP

Terra Nine vs. Squazoid - Karuna EP
Out today

The 7 track EP includes remixes by myself, Kick Bong, Suduaya, Astropilot and others along with the beautiful original. I did the remix at the end of '13 and have been dying to see it out there. It's only available digitally but in a range of formats. You can get the whole package for only $6 from Bandcamp or buy individual mixes from Juno Download where you can also listen to the whole of any of the tracks

11/06/15 Release date and gigs for N'Faly Kouyaté - Change
N'Faly Kouyaté's new album Change will finally be available on CD on Aug 5th, to coincide with a gig at the Jazz Café, London, following gigs in Manchester on the 2nd and Nottingham on the 4th

9/06/15 Performing with Kwali Kumara at Drum Camp

I will be performing with Kwali Kumara
at Drum Camp near Bungay in Suffolk
10th July 10th '15

We will be in the Dance Tent at midnight

27/02/15 N'Faly Kouyaté - DOMINIMBA (live)
Really wish I'd been there for this - only just found out that the sentence N'Faly got halfway through at the end was going to be a big-up to me! Had tears in my eyes when I watched it again

2/02/15 Nathassia Devine - Pagan Goddess Nathassia Devine - Pagan Goddess
To precede the full release - main mix and other remixes - of Nathassia Devine's Pagan Goddess Inter Dimensional recordings have released a Valley Road Petes package(!) of just my mix and that of my housemate Peter O'Shea aka Fiend Reflex.
Available from Amazon, iTunes and on Spotify, Deezer and Rdio

23/01/15 Eat Static @ inSpiral Lounge CosmicProd.jpg
I'll be DJing tomorrow night at Cosmic Productions Celebration: Eat Static @ inSpiral Lounge, as well as doing a couple of numbers with Nathassia. I'll be on last after Eat Static

12/12/14 Nathassia Devine - Star Sapphire Star Sapphire
Part 2 of Star Sapphire out now - another 7 mixes including my own chill mix. Available from Amazon, iTunes and more.

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