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4/03/17 DJ set at Whirl-Y-Fayre W-Y-F17-250.jpg
I am very pleased that I have been invited to play at this year's Whirl-Y-Fayre in Aug (at 7am Sat. 19th in the After-Party chill zone)
Info and tickets from

3/01/17 CD Hotlist review of Unexpected Pleasures
Really nice review of Unexpected Pleasures here: - makes me think I'm doing something right!

11/11/16 Hosting Chill room at Electronicluve

I'll be hosting the Chill room (and DJing) at this event, alongside DJ LIquid Lounge who did such an excellent set at the Unexpected Pleasures Launch Party

at The Steelyard, 13-16 Allhallows Lane, EC4R 3UL London
clock Friday, November 18 at 10pm - 6am

In the loud room:
Stanton Warriors, Nathassia (Live), Dub Pistols, DJ Larizzle (Radio 1Xtra), Eddy Temple-Morris, Apply The Breaks

Tickets £15 in advance (on sale now via £20 on the door.

6/11/16 DI Psychill featuring Unexpected Pleasures DI.jpg
Digitally Imported Psychill are featuring Unexpected Pleasures in full, Wed. 9th Nov 5.00pm (UK), 6.00pm (CET), 12.00pm (US Eastern)

4/11/16 New album - Unexpected Pleasures out now Pete_Ardron_-_Unexpected_Pleasures_(500).jpg
New album out now
Pete Ardron - Unexpected Pleasures
featuring Teresa Gabriel, Psibindi, Onyx Ashanti, Sayak Mitra, Myo, Samantha Ray, Harmony Yemanya and Helen Francis

25/10/16 PsyAmb review of Unexpected Pleasures psyamb.jpg
Superb review of Unexpected Pleasures here:

18/10/16 PH-UP-inShop.png
Unexpected Pleasures is now available on CD for pre-order in the Pink Hampster shop for the specially discounted price of 7.50 + p&p till Nov 3rd only (when it will go up to 9 or 10). CDs will be sent first class on the 3rd. BUT, if you come to the Unexpected Pleasures Album Launch Party you will get it even cheaper!

17/10/16 Whirly-Y-Gig Parachute set inclusion Whirly(Bamiyan).jpg
Very excited to know that Bamiyan - from Unexpected Pleasures, will be getting an airing as part of the legendary Whirl-y-Gig Parachute tomorrow. My very first solo gig was the first Whirly Parachute at a festival, in 93, and I wrote and played 3 sets, which became my album Hanging on Perfumed Air, the following 3 years, plus one with Glow so it's a massive treat for me to know something of mine will be under the Parachute again!

8/10/16 Unexpected Pleasures Album Launch Party album-and-cafe-cairo-flyer-back-04.jpg
Friday, November 4 at Cafe Cairo 88 Landor Road, SW9 9PE London We thought it only fitting that we have a little celebration at the most perfect venue we could think of - (we even delayed the release by 3 weeks just so we could have the party there!) We're still planning the evening but there will be a live performance of the album, probably around 10.30 - we'll make sure it's early enough for you to say your goodbyes and get the last tubes from Clapham North if you can't stay the whole evening. I'll be joined by 3 of the guests on the album - Myo, Sayak Mitra and I'm delighted to say Psibindi will be performing not just on her own track from the album, 'Mera Dil', but several of the other tracks, as a prelude to future gigs we will be doing together. We also have Ian Liquid Lounge DJing for us and will be announcing more soon. Doors open at 6pm - we promise we will have music from 8pm at the latest(!) but it's possible (not definite yet!) we may have some acoustic treats for you in the tented garden earlier On the night you will also be able to buy the album with a big discount (haven't decided how much yet!) It's only small so get there early to avoid disappointment (and if it goes horribly wrong and you can't get in get we'll have some CDs near the door and you can have one for 5!)

15/09/16 Unexpected Pleasures - release date Pete_Ardron_-_Unexpected_Pleasures_(200).jpg
My 10th solo album - Unexpected Pleasures - featuring Teresa Gabriel, Psibindi, Onyx Ashanti, Sayak Mitra, Myo, Samantha Ray, Harmony Yemanya and Helen Francis, will be released on Pink Hampster Nov 4th 2016

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